The Road to 100

I can’t buy a Playstation 4, at least not yet. Mostly because I can’t afford one and also because I need to finish my degree course. So to keep myself from going out of my mind thinking about it, I gave myself a goal before allowing myself to even think about purchasing a Playstation 4 is to platinum a total of 100 Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita games.

Trophy Collection (13/2/14)
My current total of platinum is 68.

Right now, I have 68 platinum trophies. And if my math is correct, I need another 32 to get to a hundred. And going by my how many I’ve managed in the past few years, that might take me another two years.

Crazy I know, but I think this gives me a chance to take gaming at my own pace. Not having to chase the hottest and latest games. Gives me time to properly soak up the games and not just blaze through them and forget about them once I’m done.

How will I do it? Some might ask. Are there even that many games to finish or even possible to platinum in the first place? Well, I’ve made a list of the games that I want to play and have not platinumed yet which I’ll list down on a separate post for easy reference. I’ve purposely made it so that I do not overlap by having the same game on multiple consoles. Granted, I may or may not be able to achieve the platinum in any of these games that I’ve listed or even acquire the game in the first place. But I like setting goals and achieving them. And if this is the last hurrah before adulthood officially hits, then I might as well go out with a bang instead a whimper.