The Road to 150

A few years ago (Wow… It’s been 3 years?), I wrote a little bit about the time I was still in university and was struggling to afford a PlayStation 4 and what not. It’s interesting to read what I wrote back then because sometimes as much as things were to change over the years, some things never change.

Things like being broke or not having the time to play games, but one thing that I do appreciate not changing is that I’m still as passionate about it as I was a few years ago. While I’m spending most of my time these days barely surviving and writing to earn a buck. It has allowed my desensitization to the dopamine hit decrease and be happy¬†with any trophies that I manage to rack up.

I won’t deny being envious when I look at my friends lists, seeing people either rack up a ton of trophies (where the hell do you get the free time?) or playing the latest games (where the hell do you get the money?). But that’s fine, over time I’ve gravitated my interest to be more of a curator than a quote-unquote reviewer and I’m more interested in finding the hidden gems. The less time I spend on video games have also given me an opportunity to sharpen my writing skills.

So, don’t cry for me. Not that anyone is. This is only temporary and hopefully in 3 years when I revisit this topic again that Sony has not closed down and I would be closer to 200 platinum trophies.


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