The Monster Remake

A while ago, I made it a point to myself that I would start writing at least one piece of writing each day for the foreseeable future. It did not succeed and I’m currently cannibalizing a previously written work so that I wouldn’t have to start all over from scratch. Recently, talking to random strangers and a few of my close friends about my desire to be a writer and it was met with enthusiastic responses.  However, I still have not managed to defeat the monster within.

But I digress, I have grown a little bit since the last time I’ve written about personally struggling with writing. Knowing that I’m not the only one facing it helps and also being in a situation that forces your hand is great as well. There is an argument that having more time and more resources will somehow lead to some perfect work of art. But it’s when you’re working with limitations that really brings out creativity.

Well, I’m gonna keep this short and end it here today. This was little more of a stretching exercise than anything serious.

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