Finger Stretches – 12/4/2017

Now that the warm-up lap is over. It’s time to get down to business. Taking a look at my output on this blog over the past… 8 years. I will admit that I’m really disappointed with myself. The quantity isn’t really there and on top of that, I don’t think that I’ve really managed to break out of the shell that I’ve encased myself in.

So what’s my plan to help myself break out? I’ve theorized that I think too much and because of that I’ve decided that as the rain starts to pour outside the window behind me, I would like to just start doing a stream of consciousness type of writing.

In case there are some readers who aren’t sure what that means, while I’m not a 100% sure of the definition, it’s more that I write whatever comes to mind. And not try to censor myself or be my usual conscientious self and start editing before I finish. I think even when I’m done I would just hit the publish button and not take a second look back.

As someone who is so critical of his own writing and any creative endeavor that I partake in. It’s good to just let the self criticism take a back seat and just do. It’s also interesting to see what I gravitate to, I feel it’ll be something regarding how things work or the process itself. It would be rare but not entirely impossible that I would delve into some sort of fantasy writing someday.

Being able to crack the wall and allow a tiny trickle to flow out is also beneficial to what I want to do with online streams and podcasts as well. While there is still the worry that I might start shooting myself in the foot for saying something that is so out there and counter culture especially in an outrage prone internet age. It will be a risk that I have to attempt or even dive headfirst into.


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