The Backlog

As a gamer, one of the biggest struggles I face is the looming pile of backlog games that I own and would like to play. Especially games from an older generation which the PlayStation 3 now falls under before I move on to the next generation. Taking stock of the games that I own and have a keen interest in playing that I’ve even entertained the thought that I should postponed getting a PlayStation 4 from late 2014 to late 2015 because of the limited time that I have and amount of games that I currently have.

It’s easy enough to just blow through a game and just reach the ending but me being me I would also like to platinum every game that I play. ‘Platinum’ in this case means getting the Platinum trophy of a game played on a Playstation console or handheld. This is done by getting every other trophy listed in the game and once you have unlocked every trophy in the game the final platinum trophy will unlock.

I will fill you guys in on why I am compelled to do so in another post but for now all I will say is that I have desire to reach 100 platinum trophies before even thinking about getting a Playstation 4 and currently with my latest platinum trophy from Rayman Origins my total number of platinum trophies is 67. Going by my average of 15 platinums a year, I might get this goal licked by the end of 2015.


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