S02E02 – KLIA (2)

The plane didn’t make my smoothest landings of all time list on its approach to KLIA. Bumps and sudden jolts were the highlights of the landing. Maybe it was just an inexperienced pilot or one with a lead foot on the brakes. Relief came when we finally stopped and I got ready to get out of the plane. It was a rush as I exited the plane, as I was pushed and pulled along by the crowd but I started to slow down as the crowd started to thin out. It was a moment of peace that I will come to appreciate later.

I looked around to give my sense of direction a good grounding. Not that it helped with the scale of the place being multiple times the size of the places back in Brunei. I felt small, maybe not insignificant, but small. As I made my way to the immigration counter, the crowd began to grow again. My eyes were directed to this less crowded area in the middle of this funnel-like shape formed by human bodies. I looked at the sign under this barren land and it said “local only”.

“Wait a minute, I’m local” for once I could utter those words after many years of being a foreigner. Not that it had mattered much to me. However, it had mattered enough that the word “foreigner” would put a stop to my future prospects that I had to leave the country to pursue other avenues.

Having my fingerprint scanned provided a little amusement as well as a moment of reprieve as I then had to get my bags and finally go home…

“Trying my best to keep this blog updated. Been going out a little and it takes hours to get to places so I get home late most of the time. Traffic here doesn’t help either.”


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