S02E01 – KLIA (1)

I sat there. Waiting. Tensions rose as I waited. Ideas and thoughts flood my mind as I try to get a gauge on my expectations. How did I feel leaving a life so comfortably lived. Routines and habits formed day to day, strengthened by a lack of desire for change. Familiar faces no longer there. What is this new world that I would be experiencing and would I be ready for it?

“This is not a completely strange new territory. I’ve been here before” I muttered to myself under my breath as I piece together old memories of being where I would be calling home for some time. Home. An idea where one’s definition of it could mean many different things to different people. For one, it could be the sights and sounds of one’s own family. And to another, it could be something tangible as one’s own personal possession such as a precious toy to a child.

My thoughts were interrupted as a tiny glint of sunlight caught my eye. It came from a nearby window. I pulled the shades up and was greeted by a view of the sun, at it’s last moments before it got covered by the clouds and was starting to set. Maybe I’m one who puts too much thought into the way things happen or in signs, but I just thought to myself at that moment “I guess that was appropriate”…

“Knowing the way that I write, which is to mull over every single word and font and probably never finish writing anything in a short period of time I decided to employ a shorter episodic nature to writing so that I get a groove going and not spending way too much time on a longer piece. Fingers crossed that this will work though.”


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