Toy Story 3 Trailer Impressions

[Minor Spoilers might be in this impression. So don’t read on if you’re afraid of that. Trailer can be found here]

Usually I don’t feel that there is a need for an extended look into a trailer but kudos to Pixar and their craft that just one visual image would invoke a powerful emotion in me. Beginning of the trailer we see a video recording of Andy’s life as he’s playing with his toys and we follow him as he grows up and leaves us with him packing away his toys to send to a day care center. It’s a highly effective scene as we catch up with Andy’s life and we get a sense of time passing from this entry of the series from the previous one as toys don’t visibly age or grow over time so seeing the fact that so much time has passed from when Andy was a child where we wouldn’t see much or any of his face to where we see him go from his young childhood days until the point where he’s about to depart to college. We see clips of him playing with Woody, with Buzz, and with all the other toys not only as toys. Andy doesn’t see them as only toys but as part of his family even without seeing the other side of the toys where they can speak and walk around. He doesn’t just see them as play things, he cherishes them he loves them. Like all children, that’s what we do with the things that we have. For me, I’m reminded of this every time I see my nephew playing with his toys. He might a little rough to them and doesn’t really take good care of them but you see that when one of them just goes missing and he’s running around trying to get everyone in the house to help him find this one toy. And I myself have had toys and I’ve played with them everyday, crying when one of them broke or lost them. It’s something which is relatable.

Another thing which is relatable to each and everyone of us is that we grow up. We cast aside our youth and embrace what we believe to be the new us, the adult us. We spend more time with friends, we have responsibilities, we have other interests. This was even made evident in the trailer, as toys begin to be replaced with computers, sports equipments, car posters. Andy has grown up and it’s time for the toys to go. This is a Toy Story movie so we can expect fun and laughter all around and this 1 minute or so of the trailer isn’t indicative of the mood that the whole movie will have. But I felt that this, together with how Up had that opening montage of Carl and Ellie as they grew up and got married and had a life together this one small bit of the trailer was able to do what a lot of other movies many times fail to do which is to give us something relatable. Something where we can say that yes, I’ve gone through this myself. It’s something that I can add to this movie with my own feelings and experiences and not just sit back and chew popcorn while flashy things happen on screen. I could honestly say that while watching this trailer it just tugs on so many moments of my own personal life that I couldn’t help but cry and this is all without even having even a single toy speak a line yet. Yes, it’s their story but for a while it was mine as well.


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