What Came Before – Part 2

A week or so after my exams, I’m not exactly on my holiday yet as I still have to go back to RIPAS to do my clinical replacement for the placements that I’ve missed throughout the semester. I start my replacements from the 18th until the 27th of May. During that time I’ll be also looking into what research project that I can do for my fourth year in uni if it comes to that. So far I’ve just put in a proposal to do a project on the current trend of childhood diseases. Quite simply I’ll just be collecting data and in my report will be what kind of diseases are growing more and more and if any effort should be put into preventing more of those diseases from happening. All this is contingent on the fact that I do make it into fourth year.

Other than my medical stuff, I’ll also be working part time doing some cataloguing work for some preschool toys at Kindermusik. I start tomorrow and I’m still thinking about how much detail that I want to put into the database. I guess I’m conscientious enough that I can just go through everything and input every single info available for whatever toys that are available but I think a lot of things that I’ll do will go into resources and not into the database that will be used but I won’t know what works or not for them until I actually get my hands dirty doing it.

What else do I have on my plate? Well, I’m still rolling around in my head any projects or plans that is possible outside of these two cause they won’t be able to sustain me for that long and I’ll be needing something more long term down the line and I’m not the kind that likes being in financial insecurity.


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